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If you want to study at a Dutch university, you have to meet the correct entrance requirements, especially for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The Central Committees for Entrance Exams are national cooperative associations of Dutch Universities. The objective of these committees is to examine the knowledge of candidates who wish to gain access to the university on the basis of articles 7.24 to 7.29 of the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act. These are usually students who want to enroll in a particular programme but first have to meet other entrance requirements. The testimonies of the CCVX are recognised by nearly all departments of all Dutch universities. These committees are collectively referred to as CCVX. The CCVX tests the candidates’ knowledge by means of a written exam they have to pass before they can be admitted to the university. That is why we call this exam an entrance exam. If you take part in the decentralised selection procedure, the university you applied at may demand that you take the entrance exam before registering for decentralised selection. The entrance exam can be taken three times a year for each subject. The entrance exam covers all subject matter taught at vwo level (Dutch pre-university education), both the subjects of the school exam and those of the national exam. Unlike the normal vwo exam, however, the entrance exam does not contain a practical exam and no subjects or learning groups are excluded from the vwo programme. Dates, subject matter and sample exams can be found at the bottom of this page. Under the Higher Education and Research Act, the universities collaborating in the CCVX are responsible for the entrance exams. The registration deadline is 10 working days before the exam. The entrance exams take place in Utrecht only. You can find more information at the site of the CCVX.

If you need support in preparation for your exams, I can help you. When you fill in the contact form at this page, I will contact you as soon as possible. The tutoring is allways individual and online. I work with the online tutoring program E-lecta, whitch is very user friendly. What means that you don’t need any technical knowledge at all to work with it. Besides, it is specially made for online tutoring, instead of Skype, for example. At the tutoring, I will give you an overview of the needed theory and we will practice a lot with old questions from entrance exams. If you want to sign in for a training, it is absolutely required that you’ve studied the needed subjects by yourself. The intention of this course is to clarify the tested subjects and to prepare you for the entrance exams.

When you need private tutoring because your basic level is far below the level of the entrance exams, we need to make some kind of personal programme, based on your entrance level to help you through. If you are interested in this, just fill in the contact form and notify me about your entrance level. Then I can make an indication of the time we need and of the total costs of the programme. But you have to realise that the time you need for preparation is often about half a year.

Advised books you can use:

For Maths (A and B): “All you need in maths!” ISBN: 978043032858

For Physics: “Advanced Physics for you” ISBN: 9781408527375

For Chemistry: “Advanced Chemistry for you” ISBN: 9781408527368

For Biology: “Advanced Biology for you” ISBN: 9780198392903

Tables and formulas: “BiNaS, English version” ISBN: 9789001707316 (required!)

Calculator: Casio fx 82 


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